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CCTV and Security System Services


24/7 EMERGENCY Callouts

Have an emergency with your CCTV or security alarm system wiring attended to straight away? We provide rapid call outs.

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Across London, Goldfinch Electrical is on hand to handle CCTV and security system faults.

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At Goldfinch Electrical, we are experts in numerous wiring installations for security alarm systems such as closed-circuit television (CCTV). We handle both domestic security systems and CCTV installations that have been designed for commercial use. As such, we have all of your installation and maintenance issues covered for just about every type of common security system to be found on the market today.

As a London-based firm with an excellent reputation for professionalism throughout the capital, there is no better place to turn for CCTV system installations and maintenance. We cover all of South London, including Wandsworth, Walworth, Wimbledon and Woolwich, as well as every district in North London, such as Woodford, Walthamstow, Westminster and Wood Green, among others.

Our CCTV and Security System Process

We follow a carefully laid-out rewiring process so that you always know where you stand with us.


We will design a security system for you that covers your building's needs.


Once agreed, the security system and/or CCTV installation will proceed.


We'll present our design proposal and develop it in collaboration with you


We offer Londoners ongoing support for their security system needs.


Security System and CCTV Services in London

As professionals with security alarm system installations, we can help to design a system that will cover all parts of your property, providing peace of mind and helping to reduce your insurance bills in many cases, as well. We have installed CCTV and other security systems in residences, offices, factories, distribution centres and public buildings so there is nothing we haven’t come across before or a problem that cannot be overcome.

Whether you’d like us to inspect your current system and suggest ways of improving it or you are starting from scratch with a new installation, we can help. Feel free to call to give us an idea of how you’d like to improve the security arrangements at your property.

Frequently asked questions

What is a wireless CCTV system?

These sorts of CCTV systems transmit video footage to a central controller without wiring, so they cannot be cut off easily. Armoured cable can still be preferable in certain settings, however.

Does fitting a security system lead to disruption?

It can do. Although much of the wiring involved may be outside, dust can be generated when ducting or conduit is installed. At Goldfinch Electrical, we aim to keep the disruption caused to a bare minimum.

How often should a security system be inspected?

Security systems should be inspected professionally regularly. At least once a year is recommended for most installations or you may not get the best out of yours when it counts most.

Why is a burglar alarm a good idea?

Burglar alarms notify the authorities if they’ve been tripped meaning that security guards can be despatched as appropriate. They also deter break-ins.

Does CCTV prevent crime?

Yes, it does and not only burglaries. CCTV is also good at helping to prevent anti-social behaviour. In commercial settings, it can also help to prevent theft.

Do you install entry systems?

Yes, we do. We can help with both voice-based systems and ones with video relays.


CCTV and Security Systems in London

We have been working with security alarm systems and CCTV installations for many years. From Romford in East London to Ruislip in the west of the city, we can help with the maintenance and fitting of all sorts of security technology. Our qualified technicians are at your disposal for repairs, preventative maintenance and new installations in both Central and Greater London so do not hesitate to get in touch.