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Extractor Fan Installation Services


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At Goldfinch Electrical, we have many years of collective experience in fitting extractor fans. We deal with numerous designs and all makes and models. Typically, we will be asked to fit extractor fans while carrying out new wiring jobs in both new build homes as well as extensions or when bathrooms are being moved from a downstairs location to an upper floor as part of renovation works. However, we also undertake extractor fan installations at commercial premises and replace old, spent units with new ones, as well.

If you have an extractor fan already but it isn’t clearing your windows and mirrors of condensation as effectively as it used to, then it may be time to replace it. We can provide you with a superior unit that will often run more efficiently, more quietly and do a better job of removing moisture from the air inside your property. We install them in utility rooms, en-suites, bathrooms, kitchens and numerous other locations where dampness can be an issue, too.

Our Extractor Fan Installation Process

We follow a carefully laid-out plan when installing extractor fans in properties.


We will design the wiring and extractor fan fitting for your bathroom or kitchen.


We will deploy the electricians and equipment needed to get the job done swiftly.


We will develop the plan with any required changes in consultation with you.


All of our extractor fan customers go on to enjoy our after-care support.


Extractor Fan Fitting Service for London's Commercial Properties

As a professional team of NICEIC-accredited electricians, Goldfinch Electrical is at your disposal to make your workplace less prone to mildew and a cheaper place to heat. Please note that the build-up of moisture in the air makes the central heating function less efficiently. This is simply because moist air takes more energy to heat up than dry air.

Therefore, installing an extractor fan in your office’s kitchen area where the kettle may be boiled multiple times a day or in your toilet block will not only make your place of work less liable to mould but easier to warm up. In other words, a professional extractor fan installation from us can make your business premises less costly to heat, thereby lowering your overheads at a stroke.

Frequently asked questions

My extractor fan works but isn't doing a good job. What should I do?

We’ll inspect it for you and advise whether or not a repair or a replacement will be best in your circumstances.

How much will a new extractor fan installation cost?

We charge just £150+VAT for extractor fan installation services.

Can I fit my extractor fan myself?

No, this work should only be carried out by qualified electricians like those at Goldfinch Electrical.

I have bought a new extractor fan. Can you fit it for me?

Yes, we can. So long as it meets the regulatory requirements, we’ll fit it for you. Alternatively, we can supply a suitable unit.

What is an in-line extractor fan?

These units connect to ducting and often expel moist air upwards. They have a slightly different design from most wall-mounted extractor fans.

I have a ceiling-mounted fan that drips water. Do I need to replace it?

Possibly, yes, so book us for an inspection and we’ll give you our honest professional opinion.


Residential Extractor Fan Installations in London

Here at Goldfinch Electrical, we conduct extractor fan installations all over London. Whether you live in Wimbledon or Wood Green, Walthamstow or Westminster, we are on hand to provide you with a high-quality installation service that will last for a long time. We are well-versed in all sorts of extractor fans, including wall-mounted and window-mounted versions as well as humidistat models that kick in automatically when humidity levels go beyond a certain point.

Call us to install a new extractor fan for you in your bathroom or kitchen. We can also help out if you need an additional unit for an en-suite or would like a timer-controlled extractor fan that runs for a given period whenever the light is turned on. Given that we have been fitting extractor fans in residences all over London for many years, we will do our best to ensure disruption to your home life is kept to an absolute minimum.