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Fuse Box Electrical Services


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It is worth taking on board that only qualified electricians can repair or install new fuse boxes in commercial and domestic settings alike. If someone who is not accredited for such work undertakes it, then it can be dangerous as well as illegal. This relates to both traditional fuse boards as well as more modern consumer units.

Helpfully, Goldfinch Electrical is available to conduct fully accredited repairs and new installations throughout the capital. Whether you own your own home and would like us to attend to a faulty fuse board or you are a commercial developer who needs a brand new fuse box and wiring system for their premises, we can help anywhere in London.

Our Fuse Box Installation Process

We will complete a four-step process so you know that your fuse box installation has been carried out professionally.


We'll design a new fuse box installation based on your electrical requirements.


With the design finalised, we'll install your fuse board or consumer unit for you.


After submitting a design proposal, we will develop the system to take into account any additional needs.


Post-installation, we will continue to provide support.


Fuse Box Repairs in London

Tripped fuses can keep causing a problem if the underlying cause is not dealt with. This sort of fault finding takes skill and is something all of the team at Goldfinch Electrical are well versed in. We can deal with any issues you may have with your fuse board including potentially serious problems like melting or burning components.

Please do not hesitate if you have a fault with your home or office fuse box because delays can lead to more costly repairs and even put your property at risk.

Frequently asked questions

Are fuse boxes still legal in London?

Yes, they are. Although RCD-style consumer units are now the norm in the capital, old-fashioned fuse boxes are still legal anywhere in the UK.

What is an MCB?

In consumer units, miniature circuit breakers (MCB) trip out when there is an issue, such as a power overload. Like a blown fuse, this helps to isolate a circuit or an appliance.

Why might I need a new fuse board?

Replacing a fuse box might be necessary because of additional loading or because you have extended your property. There again, it could be carried out simply to upgrade your current one and to benefit from a safer electrical system.

What does it mean if my fuse box is making a sound?

This is a sign of a fault. Hissing or popping noises tend to mean something is overheating and needs to be attended to by us immediately.


Fuse Box Installations in the Capital

We install new consumer units – or new fuse boxes as they are still commonly called – in all parts of London. As accredited electricians, we can install them in new-build homes as well as commercial buildings. Please note that we can also remove your old fuse board and upgrade it with a modern UK consumer unit instead.

Typically, installations of new consumer units take place in utility rooms or server rooms in the case of commercial premises. However, if you have a particular requirement for the location of yours, then we will discuss how to make this a practical reality.