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House Rewire Services


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At Goldfinch Electrical Services, we undertake all sorts of electrical rewiring work. Whether you need a full house rewire from scratch or would prefer us to undertake a partial rewiring job, you can expect a very high-quality job.

We have been working in the capital for many years so there are no surprises that lie in store for us when we carry out Domestic rewiring or Commercial rewiring work. If you are looking for experienced and accredited professionals for your rewiring requirements, then you have found the right electrical installers.

Our Electrical Rewiring Process

We follow a carefully laid-out electrical rewiring process so that you always know where you stand with us.


We will design a new wiring system for your property, either in part or in whole.


Once the design is agreed upon, we will install the wiring, distribution boards, sockets and lighting outlets swiftly and safely.


We will develop our design proposal with you so that all your needs are taken into consideration.


We continue to support our clients after we've finished their rewiring work.


House Rewiring Service in London

In most cases, Home wiring will survive for decades unless it is exposed to abuse or accidental damage. However, it can deteriorate much faster under certain circumstances. If so, it will need to be replaced to make the property where it has been installed safely once more.

Replacing domestic wiring or electrical installations in a commercial setting should only be undertaken by a professional. At Goldfinch Electrical we are accredited by NICEIC, so you can rest assured that all of our home rewiring work – both house rewires and commercial ones – are carried out by professionals with the correct qualifications for the job they’re doing.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if I require a full or partial rewire?

This will depend on the age and condition of your wiring. We’ll conduct a survey so you know how best to proceed.

How much will you charge to rewire my house?

This will depend on the number of power and lighting outlets you need as well as other factors. Check out our domestic pricing guide for an indication of what you can expect to pay.

How much mess will a rewiring job cause?

Chasing in wires causes some mess and disruption. At Goldfinch Electrical, we will always try to keep the disturbance caused to a minimum.

Should commercial landlords or tenants pay for rewiring?

If you rent your commercial premises, then it is your landlord’s responsibility to ensure the wiring there is safe and compliant. This may involve minor work rather than a complete rewire, however.

When is the best time to rewire?

Rewiring should not be put off. Do it before you redecorate or carry out any other maintenance work, though.

Is rewiring an investment?

Yes, it is. Failing to do it could lead to faults and even worse problems. Properties with relatively new wiring tend to be more saleable than ones with older wiring, too.


Electrical Rewiring

In London, there are some very old buildings and some very old wiring installations. The capital presents other challenges that are not found so commonly elsewhere in the country. Access can sometimes be an issue, especially if there are joint access rights or work is only possible via a neighbouring property.

At Goldfinch, our skilled electrical installers have dealt with these sorts of issues and overcome many of the problems that present themselves in the capital during rewiring jobs. As such, you can depend on us to get around any difficulties that we might encounter at your property to ensure a completely professional job is completed every time. Contact us today for a quote to find out the cost to rewire a house or full commercial rewiring jobs.