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PAT Testing Electrical Services


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As NICEIC-accredited electricians with the necessary qualifications to undertake PAT testing throughout the capital, you can turn to Goldfinch Electrical with complete confidence in our expertise in this field. We carry out PAT testing in business premises throughout London including offices in Soho, production facilities in Southwark, retail outlets in Streatham and public sector buildings in Seven Sisters. So, wherever you might need us, we can attend your premises and provide a high-quality service that will mean all of your electrical appliances have been thoroughly inspected and approved for continued use.

What’s more, because we also offer commercial maintenance and repair work in all corners of the capital, if we detect any issues with your electrics while we are in attendance, we can take the necessary steps on your behalf to rectify faults. If you cannot remember the last time your appliances were professionally inspected or you have taken over commercial premises with appliances that don’t have PAT testing stickers on their plugs, then please contact us today.

Our PAT Testing Process

We follow a structured PAT testing process so you will always be sure of obtaining a first-rate service.


We'll design a service for you so that all of your portable appliances are covered.


We will deploy sufficient electrical inspectors to get the job done in a timely manner.


If we need to develop our service for off-site appliances, such as laptops, then we will do so.


All firms that take advantage of our PAT testing service will enjoy strong customer support.


PAT Testing Services in London

We offer PAT testing services to London-based businesses that are both trusted and reliable. We will come to your business premises at the agreed time to undertake your PAT tests in a systematic way. This is because we understand that inspections can cause some disruption to normal business as certain appliances may need to be powered down while they’re checked. We will always aim to make as little impact on your business as possible.

Please bear in mind that because we are a team of qualified electricians, all of our work will be certified in full. This means that business owners and office managers can rest assured of a completely professional job. We are also on hand to provide PAT testing services to facilities managers who may be responsible for the electrics – and electrical devices – in use at more than one property in the capital. That’s also a good thing to know if you run a multi-site business in different parts of the city, of course.

Frequently asked questions

Who needs PAT testing?

Offices, shops, hotels and other places of work with electrical appliances should undergo a regular PAT testing regime.

Which appliances should be PAT tested?

All workplace electrical appliances, including those connected to fuse spurs, should be inspected.

How often is PAT testing required?

24 months is the usual period between PAT tests but a more frequent, bi-annual regime is commonplace nowadays.

What about construction equipment?

Any 110V construction industry tools need user checks every week with a PAT test once every three months.

Why is PAT testing a good idea?

It helps to keep employees and the public safe. What’s more, it’s written into law under the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974.

When do PAT tests expire?

Officially, there is no date but most appliances become due for their next inspection after a year.


PAT Testing in Rented Properties

Please note that PAT testing is highly recommended in rented accommodation, not just commercial premises. This is the case whether the property you let is furnished or not. Along with EICR reports which are mandatory to produce whenever there is a period between tenants, we can ensure all of your electrics are in good order before you let your property once more. 

Of course, our PAT testing service doesn’t only include residential properties. If you are a commercial landlord and let properties to businesses, then we can also provide you with professionally managed PAT testing inspections whenever you need them. Feel free to get in touch with one of the highly experienced team members at Goldfinch Electrical today.