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Ring Doorbell Installation Services


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More and more Londoners take their security seriously these days. Part of this means we are installing more smart doorbells than ever before. As the leading brand we install, Ring offers the chance for homeowners and business premises managers alike to be able to view who is coming to their property in a range of convenient ways. However, many people are unsure about the installation process, especially when they are replacing an old battery-powered audio doorbell that has never been wired in.

This is where our expertise with house wiring and installing electrical devices, like Ring doorbells, can be so beneficial. We’ll fit the doorbell unit, connect it to your property’s mains supply and make sure that it is working by connecting it to your internet service, too. As most smart doorbells, like Ring, record their images on cloud-based servers, this is an important part of the set-up process to get right, something that we can help you with from Ealing to Erith. Please note that we will also set your Ring doorbell up so that it will work even when there is a power outage by ensuring its internal battery is ready to go. Why look for another installer when we have the expertise and experience while providing coverage all over the capital?

Our Smart Doorbell Installation Process

We utilise a tried-and-tested installation process for all the smart doorbell and video monitoring systems we fit in London.


To begin, we'll design an installation for you based on your needs.


With the full plan agreed upon, our electricians will get to work.


After that, we will discuss options and extras with you.


All of our Ring doorbell clients will enjoy superb support after their installation is completed.


Ring Doorbell Service in London for Commercial Properties

If your office has frequent deliveries being made to it and you want to check people visually before they enter your building, then a Ring doorbell would make for a smart investment. Unlike Some video entry systems, Ring doorbells can be operated whether or not you are in the office. As such, you can ask us to fit a Ring doorbell for you at any commercial address in London that you own.

Types of Ring Doorbell


  • With its ultra-slim design and swappable faceplates in satin black, Venetian, satin nickel, and pearl white colours – this device uses existing doorbell wiring to power it (transformer device provided). Plus enjoy crystal clear 1080p HD video with remote communication capabilities along with motion-activated notifications through programmable motion zones. Furthermore, the infrared sensors provide optimal use even within low light levels so you can feel secure at all times!



  • Keep an eye on your home in stunning 1080p HD video. Communicate remotely using the two-way voice feature with a microphone and speakers. Get alerted right away when motion is detected within designated zones. Easily switch out battery packs for quick charging, so you don’t miss a beat! The infrared sensors allow it to work even in low light conditions while additional brackets give you flexibility towards positioning the device where needed most.



  • Install this flush-mounted device for a sleek and sophisticated look, with interchangeable faceplates. Power over Ethernet offers an incredibly reliable way of connecting your apparatus — ensuring crisp 1080p video to remote devices, plus instant notifications including motion detection zones. Plus, its built-in microphone and speakers provide two-way communication and voice chat! However professional installation is required.



  • Illuminate your space with the 1080p HD quality camera featuring a wide-angle lens with brilliant clarity and spotlights that activate upon motion detection. Easily communicate using its microphone and speakers while keeping intruders away by triggering the 110db siren remotely from your app. Power up wirelessly or via built-in cable, as batteries are rechargeable. Create fully customizable motion detection zones for added convenience!



  • The most advanced security camera available, this system requires a professional installation and connects to an existing or new 240v power feed. It features 270° motion detection with a built-in PIR detector that triggers two fully adjustable high-powered LED floodlights – which can be set manually via the app or by the time of day. In addition, there is also a 110db siren you can trigger from the app if needed as well as two-way communication achieved through the microphone and speaker integration.
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Frequently asked questions

I have more than one entrance to my property. Can you install multiple Ring doorbells for me?

Yes, we can. Depending on the type of smart doorbell account you have, it is usually possible to connect several devices to one account.

Do I need WiFi for my Ring doorbell installation?

Yes, you will since these devices communicate wirelessly. If reception is patchy, we can help by running an Ethernet cable to a WiFi repeater where necessary.

I want CCTV and a Ring doorbell. Can you help?

Yes, we install both sorts of systems.

How do I know Goldfinch is a good Ring doorbell installer?

We only employ NICEIC-accredited electricians and have many favourable testimonials.

How can I see images from my doorbell on my phone?

Whichever device you have, you’ll need to download the Ring app and connect it to your account to see callers when they press the doorbell.

I have another smart doorbell. Can you install it for me?

Yes, we can. We’re well-versed in all of the most common brands as well as Ring.


Residential Ring Doorbell Installations in London

As experienced smart doorbell installers, we have the necessary know-how to have your Ring doorbell up and running. We’ll ensure that it is recording properly and sending its video footage to your Ring account where you’ll be able to see it. What’s more, we can help you to view live images whether you are in your home or out and about.

Please note that there are numerous different Ring doorbell models on the market these days, not to mention the versions made by rival manufacturers. As fully qualified electricians, the team at Goldfinch Electrical is at your disposal to fit any of the current range of Ring doorbells and most of the other ones made by different smart doorbell brands. So long as you have the permission of your landlord, we can fit them in rented residential properties throughout London, as well.