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Solar Panel Electrical Services


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As a firm with NICEIC electrician accreditation, you can place your trust in Goldfinch Electrical with all types of domestic and commercial electrical work, including the installation and maintenance of solar panels. We work with photovoltaic arrays, the sort that are made up of panels that generate electrical current. Whether you use the electricity locally, want to store it in batteries or opt for a more flexible grid-connected installation, we can help.

With a modern solar panel installation, you can reduce your utility bills dramatically by generating your own, clean and environmentally responsible electricity. Any electricity you do not use, perhaps because you are away or over the weekend in the case of commercial premises, will be sent to the national electricity network, bought by your electrical supplier, further reducing your bills. We conduct repairs, deal with electrical faults and undertake new installation work throughout the capital.

Our Solar Panel Installation Process

We follow a carefully thought-through process for the design, installation and maintenance of photovoltaic solar panels in the capital.


We will design a tailored array of solar panels for homes and businesses throughout London.


Our expert installers will fit the solar panels, the wiring and the inverter equipment professionally.


We'll develop our design with you so that it offers the power output you require.


Our ongoing support means that London's solar panels will continue to perform well.


Solar Panel Installation Service in London

If you have an open space or a roof that is suitable for a solar panel installation, then we’ll conduct a site survey for you so you can get to know what size of solar array might be possible at your property. We have plenty of experience with solar panels, which create DC current, and what is needed to invert it to useable AC electrical output.

We deal with all aspects of the installation for you, from fitting the panels to sizing the inverter equipment and even connecting the array to the electrical grid, if wanted. What’s more, we cover all parts of the city, from the outskirts of North London to Croydon and Sutton in the south. Whether you live in Uxbridge or have offices in Ilford, we can help.

Frequently asked questions

How many solar panels do I need?

This will depend on the amount of space you have. Even a couple of solar panels are worth it in the right location but the more you have in your array, the more electricity you can generate.

What about solar thermal panels?

This technology generates warm water, not electricity. We don’t deal with these types of panels.

Does Goldfinch Electrical work on pitched roofs?

Yes, we do. Both flat roofs and sloping ones that are south-facing and not subject to shade from trees are nearby buildings are ideally suited to solar panels.

What happens at night?

Your solar panels won’t make any electricity when it is dark but they’ll start to do so each dawn without needing to be primed or turned on.

Do solar panels make electricity when it is cloudy?

Yes, they do. Bright clear skies are best but it doesn’t need to be sunny for them to produce an electrical output.

How much will a new solar installation cost?

This depends on your site, the number of panels and the type of inverter equipment you need. Our pricing is always competitive both for the supply of materials and our work.


Solar Panel Maintenance Work in London

Sometimes, solar panels may appear to stop working. This can happen after the system has tripped, a safety mechanism with grid-connected installations. There again, your panels may have developed a wiring fault. Our skilled electrical installers are also expert fault finders. Therefore, if your solar panels aren’t generating any electricity – or aren’t generating as much as they might – then contact us and we’ll be able to get to the root cause of the problem for you.